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2000, Threeman/Music For Nations

Entombed - Uprising

Finally got around to getting Uprising, the latest offering by Entombed. While it’s not as brilliant as their work from 90-94, it is however better than Same Difference by leaps and bounds. My favorite track is “Say It In Slugs”, because it’s a very punishing fast song. It was also nice to see them cover a Dead Horse song, “Scottish Hell”. Not a perfect album, but better than the previous 2 studio albums.



1. Seeing Red

2. Say It in Slugs

3. Won’t Back Down

4. Insanity’s Contagious

5. Something Out of Nothing

6. Scottish Hell (Dead Horse Cover)

7. Time Out

8. The Itch

9. Year in Year Out

10. Returning to Madness

11. Come Clean

12. In the Flesh





Alex Hellid – Guitars

Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund – Guitars

L-G Petrov – Vocals

Jorgen Sandstrom – Bass

Peter Stjarnvind – Drums



Rating: 5 out of 10


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