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Endless Void - Apparitions


A rhythmic doomish sound commences from this band. The riffing is ominous and the vocals are cavernous. I cannot find much about this band, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference to connect to. But it does something like out of 1983. The beat is steady, great to headbang to, and the overall feel turns over the third song, and a good thing at that for it would have become boring.


The release sounds earthy, and the vocals are already mentioned. The guitars are good, but the drums could have been taken down a notch. Even so, it does create a rather ‘epic’ atmosphere, which is respectful for such a style. However those organs on the 4th songs sound fuller than the rest of the track, and that sudden transition is a put off. Then it happens at the end again. The song was good enough without that bit in it.


The cover certainly has ta DIY feel to is, as does the album’s sound. The stencil drawing looks like something which was done in a minute. Obviously a band which doesn’t care for aesthetics, but I don’t really mind for it does reflect the music’s feel.


Will I listen to it again? No, not really. I think there something good going on there, but it’s not my cup of tea mostly, and the gritty texture from the guitars will not probably call for a replay. The stuff needs to sounds better. Having said all that, I think the strongest point is the vocals.




1. R.I.P./March of the Dead

2. Spiritualistic Medium

3. Bereaved

4. Apparitions and the Undertaker

5. Stars in the Sky



Rating: 7 out of 10

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