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If Ende exists since 2011, the idea to create something allowing to bring back the old school black metal aura, goes back to 2008. The first demo, “The God’s Rejects” was recorded without any intent to release it officially.


Then, “the God’s Rejects” was put aside for 7 years before Cold Dark Matter Records released it in May 205, on tape support.


Year 2010, the first album is recorded in a very personal approach and with particular desire to make it available. That change later, in 2012 when a deal was concluded with the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions and “Whispers of a Dying Earth” was released on CD.


The last two titled from this opus are peculiar since they were recorded unplugged in 2004, showing that the need to go back to the black metal roots had been already around for ages…


In May 2015, t he second album “The Rebirth Of I” is recorded. Once again Obscure Abhorrence Productions releases the album on CD the 31st of October. The American label Dread Records releases a professional tape format of “Rebirth of I”.



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