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Encroaching Darkness is a one person Extreme Metal project featuring the compositions of Montara Mike.  


Montara Mike has been composing, recording and playing music for over 40 years, but only recently got serious about Extreme Metal Music.


The Encroaching Darkness project started in 2013 with plans to release a single album. As songs were completed and released, Montara Mike started to get approached by other musicians interested in collaborating. It was decided to do a second album featuring the music of Montara Mike with guest musicians (mainly vocalists) entitled 12 Gauge Ventilation.  Both albums are a work in progress, but Montara Mike saw no reason not to release songs as they were completed.



Encroaching Darkness (Title Album)


Montara Mike: Music composition, production, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, drum programming.


12 Gauge Ventilation


Montara Mike: Montara Mike: Music composition, production, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming.

Chris McCampbell (Oakland USA): Bass on Metal Detector and Undead Waltz

Profinator(Rhode Island USA): Vocals and Lyrics on Poisoning the Vein of Life

Stevil Haunt (Edmonton, Alberta Canada): Vocals and Lyrics on A Phoenix Rising

Ash Von Horror (Austin Texas USA): Vocals and Lyrics on Trust My Rage

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