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Emperor Of Myself formed in 2006 in Athens Greece by Dimitris Polizos. Started as one man band and recorded 2 demos to find what musical style will follow as a band. In 2013 Alex Polizos joined the band playing drums and started working new songs for the 1st album “Question Your Existence”.After the release of the album 2 months later Nick Georgiou joined the band playing guitar and keyboards, all together working for 4-5 months recorded their 2nd studio album “All Ends In Tears” released on 14 March of 2014


Dimitris Polizos-Vocals, guitar, bassĀ 

Alex Polizos- Drums vocals

Nick Georgiou-Guitar, keyboards



”If It Kills You Can Kill It” 2013 (EP)

”Question Your Existence” 2014(Full Length)

”All Ends In Tears” 2014 (full length)

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