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Though Embrace The Pain has their own sound, their production is way rawer, they share a lot in common with Pantera. Dan Wall has a dirtier trashier (in a really good way) Phil Anselmo style, but the do sound totally different. It is just the way the phrase, attack and scream. If you don’t hear it the first time around listen to it. It is there. 


There is a Pantera groove to the guitars, the tones and production here are subdued, dry but heavy. If you listen to this CD and don’t hear Pantera that is because they are not. You can just really put them in that ball park and hear the band as a real strong influence. 


This is a heavy CD. I would put it sonically in the abrasive category at first. I had to take it in doses but it really grew on me. The drum tones which stood out for me especially the kicks, really fuel the moshy drives when they happen and really fit the mix. The thrashier parts have a punkish feel to them as well. Knife In My Side was the stand out track on this CD.


If you like heavy and caustic this is a CD I would recommend.




1. Arise

2. Creature

3. Break You Down

4. Last Train to Hell

5. Anarchists Cookbook

6. Everything

7. Knife in the Side

8. Almost

9. Raven






Tom Giacomi- Lead Guitars
Eric Green – Rhythm Guitar
Todd Sears- Drums
John Marriott – Bass
Dan Wall – Lead Vo



Rating 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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