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Embrace of Thorns
“… For I see Death in Their Eyes”

Embrace of Thorns - For I See Death in Their Eyes

This is the debut from Embrace of Thorns hailing from Greece. They released their first demo in 1999. The music here is blackened death metal of the old raw, evil, and fast style with hints of war metal throughout. I really enjoyed this album and it actually brought back memories of the early 90’s style of death metal and some black metal. In fact I would not mind adding this one to my collection.

The album sounds like a bestial, unholy, demonic creature sweeping the world with death. It sounds like it was recorded in a cave or underground somewhere, which adds to all the other elements to create this evil debut album. The vocals are great, mostly demonic death metal but with occasional black metal style screams and ranges. The vocalist also does the drums as well. The drums are raw and blasting. The guitar riffs are evil and fast as well with a few small solo’s that add depth to the songs. Some old school evil death metal breakdowns happen throughout the album as well to give that crushing evil edge and doom sound to some of the songs. I think the sound of the recording is perfect for this release. Its raw but not so raw that you can’t hear anything.

I was going to review individual songs from this album but every song is a good song and they all fit the structure and concept of this album. So therefore I can’t pick a favorite song. But some of the song titles are, ‘Sempiternally Cursing the Weak’, ‘Tyrant Goat (Crowned in Glory)’, and ‘Throes of Doubt,Flames of Despair’. Classic style song titles.

The CD released by ‘Kill Yourself Productions’, in 2009, is limited to 1000 copies. So it might be difficult finding this later on unless it gets a reissue. I think the only disadvantage of this album is that its not long enough. It clocks in at about 31 minutes between 8 songs. That might be a good thing though since the album could never drag on at that length. So, if you like raw, evil, fast, old-school, war-like, death metal then you might like this. At least check it out! EVIL!



1. Ritualistic Blooddraining of the Apostles/Disinfestation

2. Sempiternally Cursing the Weak

3. Victorious March of the Predator /Passionate Destroyer

4. Tyrant Goat (Crowned in Glory)

5. Litany of Purification/Throes of Doubt/Flames of Despair

6. Cleansing the Whores of Man

7. The Temptation/Those Tiresome Intruders

8. Finis Hominis (The Lament of Slaves)/Heretic’s Warmarch Towards Enthronement





Nuctemeron Bestial Ravisher of the Divine Harmony – Drums/Backing Vocals

Herald of Demonic Pestilence – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Archfiend DevilPig – Vocals/Bass/Drums

Necromancer666 aka Christ Molestor – Bass

Abomination Virginborn – Guitars


Rating: 7 out of 10
~Subterranean Inhabitant

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