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Founded in 2013, out of the ashes of Grimforst, ECHELON consists of Thomas Faller (vocals, lyrics), Franz Ferdinand “Feanor Omega” Hawa (drums, clean vocals), Micha Heiser (guitar, vocals, programming), Andrè Rassinger (bass) and Patrick Schweiger (guitar) and each musician has nearly 10 years of experience in m sic. Furthermore, Franz is part of the Black Metal band Sakrileg and as a session musician in various others.


There is a deep association with the local music scene, not only because of Franz label CURSED RECORDS but also because of the EINE IN TEICH FESTIVAL which was established by Franz and which is co-organized by Micha.


ECHELON is a different chapter of the book. ECHELON is defined by contrast. The contrast between the musicians and the contrast between the genres. The idea of a holistic point of view. Away from superficial content to a profund analysis of music and concept. That’s what “VIVITO! CREATO! MORITOR!” is about. The philosophical bonding between four painters, who are connected by their observation on war over centuries. These links were brought into music, tone by tone, beat by beat by ECHELON.


Echelon are moving on a visionary path through a system which central star is Black Metal. Circled ,by sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger planets which represent different genres.


If we take a closer look on the surface of aforesaid planets, they sometimes appear magmatic with a doom-metallic consistency. Sometimes they are covered by a caustic ammoniac fog of punk or they have the rugged landscape which valleys are filled with quicksilver lakes of post-rock.


The interaction of the planets has a strong presence throughout the whole concept, but sometimes one orbital body seems to fill in the whole cosmos. However, ment, every planet, no matter how small or big it is, has influence on the whole and is integral part of the musically system. Like the universe is expanding, ECHELON are expanding themselves.


ECHELON define themselves beyond the music, though it is the center of the symbolic cosmos. In addition, there are three arms coiling around the center: (1) conception, (2) lyrics, (3) artwork. Each arm is connected to the center and among each other and as a whole they are ECHELON. Conception requires to focus on “art”. Further, art requires to take a view on subjects like no one did before. Art means to arouse attention and is subordinated to a whole which implies to deal with a topic intensively.


The lyrics are used to put the aforementioned conception into words and is strongly connected to the music. Only if lyrics and music generate emotions that consume the listener a song becomes a song of ECHELON.


The last arm is the artwork. It allows to perfect the music through pictures and enables more ways of interpreting the topic. The transformation of music into images happens mostly by ECHELON themselves.


For everything the band is not able to visualize, artists and designers are asked to contribute their work and to push boundaries.

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Booking Robert Isak

Promotion Markus Eck/ Metalmessage


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