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So here I have before me is Druid Lord’s 2010 release “Hymns for the Wicked”.  Upon spinning this the first time, I am instantly brought back to a better place when music wasn’t overly processed and you can tell what everyone is playing!  Their brand of Death & Doom is both refreshing and familiar, taking you on musical journey where the mission is to live by the riff and not overcrowd with useless notes.  One band that came to mind was early Acheron, and after doing some investigation, turns out two of the members did some time in said band in the early nineties.  Truely not a bad thing!  Some of the best and more influential bands came out of that time!  Enough with the flashbacks for now………if you are into bands such as Cianide, Runemagick, Acheron even a slower Morbid Angel, I think Druid Lord will appeal to fans of both doom and death metal old and new!!



1. Chamber of Ghastly Horror

2. Witchfinder

3. Castle of Count Sadist

4. Awaken by the Dead

5. Baron Blood

6. Eerie Ways

7. Gorgon Witch

8. Circling of Vultures





Steve Spillers – Drums

Pete Slate – Guitars

Ben Ross – Guitars

Tony Blakk – Vocals/Bass


Rating: 8 out 10

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