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Thug Anarchitect”


Drogheda- Thug Anarchitect

I have listened to this band for some time, and its kinda grindcore to me. I really enjoy them a lot like the ranks of Cephalic Carnage. These guys do a great set of albums, songs, and shows. If you want something super extreme and crunch, and vile, and sure to satisfy your carnal need for brutal music, then this is the band for you. Master Nihilist is a great song by these guys although a bit short i still enjoyed it very much while writing this review. I would say this band is underrated. Grindcore Ken would say “Drogheda rocked my sissy ass off!”.



1. Thug Anarchitect

2. Master Nihilist

3. Demonic Avarice Miser

4. Nano Thermite Annihilator

5. Terror Addict

6. Chief Executed Officer

7. Wage Slave Psychosis

8. Revulsion Alliance

9. Wanton Devastation of Morality

10. Coercion and Extreme Cruelty

11. Blasting Cap Facelift

12. Freedom Spulchre

13. Human Rights Crusher

14. Massive Ordnance Penetrator

15. Demonomania

16. Dirty Bomb at a Christian Convention

17. Violence… Pay It Forward

18. In the Crosshairs of Reprisal

19. Impoverish and Tyrannize

20. Wage War Casualty

21. Rock and Roll Stimulus Package – Grindcore Bailout

22. Drogheda





Derek J. Easthom – Bass

Evan Thomas – Drums/Vocals

Buddy Mitchell – Guitars/Vocals


Rating: 6 out of 10


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