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St. Louis Missouri’s own Drag The Dead are a brutal death metal band that might get lumped in with the grindcore scene, but there is little to no grindcore connection on their sadistic debut album. Drag the Dead released their self-titled debut album in 2012. This is a horrendously cruel and evil album that is worthy to stand tall as a great record of uncompromisingly brutal death metal. This is probably the vilest death metal album I have ever heard, and I loved every minute of it. This album has the same tone as a banned exploitation horror film. The subject matter of this album goes far beyond the cartoon violence of standard death metal and crosses into realms of savage rape and other forms of debauchery. Where can I even start describing Drag The Dead? Musically, it is nothing new. Great death metal, but nothing you haven’t heard before. Donny Jaster on vocals has a deep, commanding delivery and he can hit the raspy high notes when he needs to. He has great dictation and can be understood very well, which is great because I always wanted to know what he was singing about. The dropped tuned guitar sounds great with chugging riffs. The snare drum has a great pop to it, and sounds great at any speed. This album is very well recorded, mixed, and produced. The standout moments on the album for me have to be two spoken word tracks that break up the album very well. Lets face it, death metal, even the best death metal can get monotonous. The first track is called Serial Deity To The Aborted. This track is nothing more than a guy describing why he enjoys killing and how he wishes he were free. I don’t know if this one is real, but the acting suggests it is probably not. The second one is called The Interview with Lisa Ann Monogamy. This one is a graphic and disturbing description of a woman bound by a mad man. She goes into great detail about the things he did to her and let me just say again it’s graphic. She talks about being raped and vomited on. It is something that has to be heard to be believed. She talks about being assaulted with a sledgehammer and the band go into the next song Sledgehammer To The Cunt. Death metal is not for the faint of heart or the prudish people that are easily offended. This album crosses the line and elevates itself as a hell of a ride from start to end. There are aspects of this album that will cut disturbing images in your head, kind of like seeing crime scene photos. If that sounds good to you, Drag The Dead is a very grotesque picture, and you’ll love it.




1. Prelusive Uterine Decimation

2. Blindsided Menstrual Holocaust

3. The Final Desecration

4. Necrology Postmortem

5. When They Walk Again

6. Serial Deity to the Aborted

7. The Stabbing

8. The Interview of Lisa Ann Montgomery

9. Sledgehammer to the Cunt

10. Sullen Despoliation of Blood and Genitals

11. Shit Fucked and Forgotten

12. Semen Spilled Upon the Flesh of the Dead

13. Concluding Suffrage

14. Remember to Leave the Pieces







Josh – Vocals
Luke – Guitars
Antonio – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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