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Dominium came into existence in January of 1999, with members Malignus (Drums) and Dominus (Guitar/ Vocals). Soon with the addition of Ancalagon (Bass), Dominium recorded the 1999 Demo tape “Curses of Wisdom”.  Soon after Ancalagon parted ways with the band and was replaced with Mortalis Cabal on bass.  With great reception of the demo and Dominium’s most solid line up they were booked on shows with the likes of Mayhem, Marduk, Exhumed, Morbid Angel, The Kovenant and Incantation. With this new brutality and creative boost Dominium recorded the EP “The Black war Comes”, which had some of Dominiums’ most brutal songs to date, but only saw a limited release.  At the Close of 2000 Mortalis Cabal left the band and was replaced by session bassist William Carter. After the change a few more shows were played and then Dominium decided to take a break…..


In 2011, members Malignus and Mortalis Cabal (now Kabal and switching over to guitar) reformed Dominium.  With the addition of Uzas (Vocals) the EP “The Incursion” was recorded. A reunion show was planned and executed on December 30th 2011 with the help of Phil “Landphil” Hall on Bass guitar. Playing old favorites and new blasphemies in the furious nature Dominium is known for producing. Dominium is currently in the writing process for their first full length LP and US tour to follow.



Dominium- The Incursion

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