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If it was not for the tremolo picking and the occasional blast beat, Dizziness might be a closer kin to Blind Guardian. The songs appear to be mystical and not on the Satanic end. The cover if it had color would not be out of place next to other symphonic metal groups. The strength of Dizziness is that they are melodic Black Metal and that does seem to be the direction of their evolution. The vocals are above average but may suffer a bit in the production by being a bit dry in the mix. Mortuus Spes was one track that stuck out from the rest otherwise the album has  a consistent vibe and atmosphere. Dizziness is a talented band but I think I prefer my Black Metal a bit more evil sounding. I don’t think fans of melodic Black Metal will be disappointed by this effort and it is worth checking out.




1. Uplifting Touch

2. For Glory and Pride

3. Polemos

4. Triumph of a Superior Idea

5. The Age of Darkness

6. Mortuus Spes

7. Unveiling the Truth of Universe

8. Offermort Heritage

9. Nyx








Pyriflegethon – Bass/Guitars

Moscho – Guitars

Halal – Bass

Ithonas – Vocals



Rating: 7 our of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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