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Dizziness is an underground black metal band from Athens Greece with a melodic and epic warlike sound. They were formed in 2008 by Moscho (guitar) and Pyriflegethon (Dizziness, Vetus Mora) (bass, guitar). In the beginning on vocals was Tantalos but after a short while he left the band. In 2010 they released their first effort, a demo tape called “Evocation of Ancestral Grandeur” in 300 limited copies by War Productions. In that demo Synn (Deathville, ex- Eschaton) contributed vocals and drums as a guest member. In 2012 they released their second work, a split tape with the Greek black metal band Lycauges called “At the Whirlwind of our Storm” again from War Productions in 300 limited copies Synn was also in that release. After the release Yngve (Mortuus Sum, W.E.B., VetusMora, ex Acherontas), joined the band as a full member and the recordings for the first full length album started. For the recordings Gareth (Diabolical Principles, Mortuus Caelum) was recruited as a session member for the vocals. The album Offermort Heritage was recorded at Made In Hell studios (Athens) and Giafka Studios (Athens) and was released by Apocalyptic Arts (Germany) on March 2013.


Contact with band can be made through the FaceBook page : https://www.facebook.com/dizzinessvault

The official email: dizzinessband@windowslive.com

and their official webpage : http://www.dizziness.de.vu


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