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Outbreak Of Infection”


Display Of Decay - Outbreak of Infection

This is a real listenable EP due to is crunchy drive and catchy rhythms. It is Brutal Death Metal but it has the kind of songs you could put in a zombie film for added tension and brutality. While the production is strong there does seem to be a looseness to the songwriting but it  works. The guttural vocals are strong low and perfect for these tracks.  This is an EP you can throw in and listen to all five songs, the last of which is a Kiss cover Black Diamond. Display Of Decay is from Canada and has two other EP’s and a full length album.




1. Born of Rot

2. Manchurian Candidate

3. Praise the Gore

4. Outbreak of Infection

5. Black Diamond








Sean Watson – Lead Guitars

Avery Desmarais – Drums

Jacob Maisonneuve – Bass

Jeremy Puffer – Rhythm Guitars

Jessy Leduc – Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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