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Dionysus is a blackened death doom band from Lahore, Pakistan. While the music is generally death doom, there are a lot of black metal, old school death metal, post rock and neofolk influences in our songs. Making it a unique combination. Dionysus consist of 3 persons, Sheraz Ahmed (Guitars/Drums), Umair Ahmed (Guitars) and Waleed Ahmed (Guitars,bass,vocals,mixing/mastering). It was formed in summer of 2010, Waleed joined the band in summer of 2011 since the formation we’ve released several demo/singles on the internet. The only solid release till now is our “Hymn to the dying” EP, it consist of 5 songs stretching up to 28 minutes of play time. It was released as free download on the internet on 10th July, then later the band got signed by Salute records from Sweden and on 22nd October, the EP was released on CD. Its available for shipping worldwide. Order at : saluterecords@gmail.com


Band facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dionysusband

bancamp link: http://dionysuspk.bandcamp.com/

youtube channel link: http://www.youtube.com/user/dionysuspk?feature=results_main

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