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In late 2011, after the dissolution of the band Thrudheim, located on Inca, set the scene and known for its distinctive Viking-themed death metal with melodic touches, hand arises from Biel Marin, guitarist and former member of the band, the idea of a death metal band, direct and with groups like Edge of Sanity or Funebrarum by flag, a raw, direct and nuanced sound.



He contact Joan Rigo and Sak Llaneras, former members of Thrudheim, to join them. Later, Edu Tomas, also a member of the viking metal band at the bass. And to fill in the hollow of the battery, they contact with his friend Lluc (ex-DøD), being formed the foundation of the band, named Devouring. Begins the work of composition and refinement of the first songs, when a few months, due to personal reasons, Lluc leaves the band. They spend a few months of ups and downs due to the search for a drummer with the knowledge necessary for the group, and after a few tries, contacts Jose Ordoñez, and immediately joins Devouring. The following months reaches the firsts concerts. After premiering and be known on the local scene, and playing out of the island with really good bands, Devouring starts his first recording, Primordial being of Chaos. Completely self-produced, is in early 2013 when Edu leaves the band, quickly being replaced by Alex Terres, a friend of the band for years. With his first E.P. in the street, the band hopes to become known nationally and internationally, organizing their first concerts in the peninsula along 2013.



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