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To Forgotten Path – Triumph Of The Will”


Deviator - To Forgotten Path - Triumph of the Will

Melodic and ominous, Gothic and industrial are the words that come to mind when listening to this Cd. The vocals, gritty and haunting play like a black funeral dirge. While this contains tracks from previous releases the production here is less compressed and more open. The atmosphere on the release has a strong connection to Gothic music and even a bit of that cold sound Bauhaus had. 


The instrumental track Forgotten hope sets the mood. Albums like this are great if they can sustain the emotional impact for the full length. But what we have is a strong release that has some stand out tracks that over shadow the other songs. Undying Darkness and Thy Blood In My Veins are very listenable, emotionally strong songs that grow on you. That is not to say that this is inconsistent. The songs pull you along and the last two tracks Eternity of Blood and Burning Bridges some it up rising and falling from heavy to melodic end. 


While there are other musicians involved it is Lord Hastner that is the sole band member and this is his project.




1. Forgotten Hope

2. Mighty Black Inner Flame

3. Undying Darkness

4. Raw Symphony of Sorrow

5. Thy Blood in My Veins

6. Way of Warrior – Hymn to Immortals

7. Eternity of Blood

8. Burning Bridges Become Ashes




Lord Hastner – Guitars/Drum Programming/Vocals

Mictian – Bass/Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca


Voice of the Native Blood”


Deviator - Voice of the Native Blood

Deviator is a one-man-Black Metal project from Ukraine. Voice of the Native Blood is the second full length release from the project helmed by Lord Hastner who specializes in making songs that are guided by tribal drum beats, some ambient samples and dissonant guitar riffs. The drumming actually picks up a little speed as the record goes on, though it’s still slower than your average Black Metal band; this is evident on songs like “Black Sorrow”, “Funeral Future Bells” and “Away from Sun into Darkness” which have an almost punkish feel in the drums department. The songs have long instrumental passages and the vocals are used sparingly throughout the record; these vary from raspy screams to whispered spoken sections. The production on this album is soaked in reverb, which aids the record by giving the songs a majestic feeling, although the bass is buried in the mix. While this is a one man Black Metal project, it doesn’t sound like Burzum; the mechanistic drum beats and guitar riffs make this record sound more like if Godflesh had decided to make a Black Metal record.




1. To Forgotten Path – Triumph of the Will

2. Thy Blood in My Veins

3. Black Sorrow

4. Funeral Future Bells

5. Away from Sun into Darkness

6. Fenrir’s Shadow




Lord Hastner – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards/Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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