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Devasted was formed in 2008 by Cesar Molina (Vocals, Guitars) and Diego Jimenez (Drums) like Thrash metal band in Palmira’s city (Colombia), having in mind the 80’s thrash metal sound influenced by bands like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Slayer, Megadeth, Sepultura and Acutor. The band’s name refers to the state that prevails after a war, devastation and total destruction in the fields, witnesses of mayhem, poverty and lack of resources used to feed the conflict With this lineup Devasted wrote its first song called Worst Than Ever, that talks about how the war affects the human race. A few months after, Anderson Montilla (Bass) joins the band but for a few time because in 2009 Cesar decides to return to Bogotá’s city. Later this year the project starts again with a second lineup with Cesar, Gustavo Tobon (Guitar), Daniel Osorio (Bass, Vocals) and Jonnathan Prieto (Drums).


During the following two years the band wrote the songs Planeta Guerra, Absurda Religion and Maniatico Thrasher, tracks in their first demo called Worst Than Ever recorded in 2010.


In 2011 Gustavo left the band and with the power trio lineup Devasted recorded a single called Infierno. In 2012 Devasted records a video for Infamia, and the music for Oda a la muerte feat. Jonny Mora (Cancerbero) on Drums. In 2013 Cesar decides to find another musicians because of personal issues, that’s why Sebastián Cajamarca (Bass) y Freddy Robayo (Drums) joined the band.


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