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In a world where no god watches or guides, humankind is left to itself like orphaned children. And in this world, horror and cruelty of every unspeakable kind lives and breathes. These horrors are echoed in the music of Deus Otiosus.


Musically the band can be described as classic death metal. Not that Deus Otiosus reproduce any overdone old school sound, but they strive for the same values that the made death metal pioneers great: Unique identity, well-boundedness and songwriting prowess.


Deus Otiosus has released the full length albums “Murderer” (2010, FDA Rekotz) and “Godless” (2012, Deepsend Records), and has played Denmark, Sweden, Germany.



Recording of 3rd album “Rise”, which is set for release in summer 2014.



Live shows in Denmark, Sweden and Germany with bands like Sonne Adam, Exhumed and Taake. Record-breaking winner of Tak Rocks Rock Battle and plays Copenhell festival.



Jesper Olsen becomes new drummer.2nd album, “Godless”, is released by Deepsend Records.



Murderer”-album released worldwide by FDA Rekotz.



1st album “Murderer” is released in South America by American Line Prod. Jesper Holst becomes new bass player.



Deus Otiosus gathers full line-up:

Anders Bo Rasmussen – Vocals

Henrik Engkjær – Guitars

Peter Engkjær – Guitars

Jens Nepper – Bass

Søren Bentsen – Drums


Live performances begin. Mulligore Productions releases split CD with Hideous Invasion.



Release of the ”Death Lives Again”-demo.



Deus Otiosus is formed by Anders Bo Rasmussen (vocals) and Henrik Engkjær (guitar).



Deus Otiosus - Godless

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