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This is my first review for Blackened Horde Zine and if I get to write more you will learn that I love Metal more than life itself. So I am diving right in. My first review is for Dethcentrik – Why The Innocent Die Young. The first thing that I noticed was that it contains the song title Columbine Justice Spree. What is awesome is that the voice over that begins the song sounds just like the voice over man on the Traces Of Death series as he describes the gruesome details of real life bloodbaths. Halfway through the song we get more inspiration from the TOD series as it sounds like something for their soundtrack of haunting carnage. I could go through and review this CD song by song but I think it would be better to say what we have here is a CD that you would throw in when starting a road trip to freak your friends out. There is a schizophrenic blend of sound I would compare to Mr. bungle if they recorded sounds to tell you to f$&k off. There are keyboards that sound like Eddie Van Halen wrote them during the 1984 album while feeling like killing himself. There are parts where it seems like a plastic bag is the used as melody. This obviously was not produced with a budget but I think there is a sincerity here that lines up with tracks like The Demise of Mankind and Rip My Heart Out. There is a total of five songs and two alternates. The highlight for me being the Rip My Heart Out Remix. The beginning of the song sounds like the soundtrack to Nekromantik, Jorge Buttgereit is a god so kudos for tapping into that. If you get my references you can tell if this something for you to check out if not. I am gracious with numbers on reviews so for making me think of Traces of Death and Nekromantik all on the same CD.




1. The Demise of Mankind

2. If Only

3. Dethcentrik, Lauren McDonald – Rip My Heart Out

4. Columbine Justice Spree




Stefan “Død Beverte” Klein
Gunner “Jackie T” Harkey



Rating: 7 out of 10


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