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Eyaculador de Infección Putri”


Desvirginizagore - Eyaculador de Infeccion Putri

South America has a great tradition of spawning ultra brutal death metal and the Peruvian Band Desvirginizagore is looking to hold up that tradition with their 2011 EP titled Evaculador de Infeccion Putri. The result is a record that might not rewrite the book on death metal, but is a noteworthy addition to the genre. Everything that you would want from brutal death metal is here; done very well. The drums have a clean sound and the right amount of pop to them. The duel guitar attack is vicious and tricky. John Demonio on vocals is a fierce, deep, and nasty sounding death metal vocalist. He is fairly on note, but can through in the raspy scream when he needs to. The standout for song for me is El Color de la Betia. The band slows thing down and completely leaves the death metal genre for a short metal ballad that is sadly less than two minutes long. But that is the song that left the biggest impression on me. If this band can spontaneously change musical direction this well I would hope for a little more variety on their records in the future. That is the one thing holding this EP back. There is very little distinction from song to song. What is here is strong enough to recommend to the fans of brutal death metal, but I don’t think that this band has fully tapped into their creative potential yet. This EP is a good start, though.




1. Intro

2. Orgasmo Sexual Pus Sangriento

3. Abominable Traficante de Organos

4. Eyaculador de Infeccion Putri

5. Enferno Cazador

6. El Calor de la Bestia

7. Creador del Terror




Mardak – Bass

Joe Hoyle – Drums

Pokegore – Guitars

Nekrogore – Guitars

John Demonio – Vocals



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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