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“All Hell Breaks Loose”
Nuclear Blast 2000

Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! As you can tell I’m pretty excited about reviewing this album. I been a long time Destruction fan, and I must say this is the album of the year, or damn well near it. Shmier is back behind the mic, and that is pleasing to all the old fans. After the horrendous Cracked Brain and 2 EPs that went unnoticed, this is their best work in 10 plus years. The album was produced by Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy at his Abyss studios, so the production is very excellent as well as the songs.The Mad Butcher makes his return in the song, “The Butcher Strikes Back”, a really excellent song, that’s in your face, and with a riff that will knock you on your ass. In fact every riff on this album is nothing short of supurb. Mike Sifringer who has been on every album still has what it takes to play an excellent riff. Peter Tagtgren even lends some vocals and additional guitars on the song, “Total Desaster 2000”. I can’t really pick the best songs, because they all are excellent. Oh, and by the way, there is one more song on the album that isn’t listed in the track listings, and that is a rendition of Metallica’s “Whiplash”, which in all honesty is better than the original. This album is highly recommended. Old fans will like it, and to the newer fans, get this now!



1. Intro

2. The Final Curtain

3. Machinery of Lies

4. Tears of Blood

5. Devastation of Your Soul

6. The Butcher Strikes Back

7. World Domination of Pain

8. X-treme Measures

9. All Hell Breaks Loose

10. Total Desater 2000

11. Visual Prostitution

12. Kingdom of Damnation



Schmeir – Bass/Vocals

Mike – Guitars

Sven – Drums



Rating: 10 out of 10


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