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Becoming Wrath”


Destroyed In Seconds - Becoming Wrath

Destroyed In Seconds is a heavy onslaught of newer (not nu metal) metal sounds but flavored by some older influences that show up in small but effective doses. The guitars are thrashy in rhythm but the tones and production mixed with punk driven beats give the tools of old school a new patina. The songs rely on heavy driving rhythms and psychotic growling vocals. On Sea Of Disdain you can hear the older influence in the guitar solo and rhythm beneath which is really reminiscent of Motorhead. The Motorhead feel is true with Beginning of The End also. This Cd is got solid energy and strong songs from start to finish. Destroyed In Seconds hails from California but I won’t hold that against them.




1. Becoming Wrath

2. Assimilation

3. Stay Damned

4. No Gullotine Like the Truth

5. Sea of Disdain

6. Scarabs Nest

7. Built for the End

8. Edges

9. The Crushing Low




Sean Vahle – Drums

Bruce Reeves – Guitars

Alex Vahle – Guitars

Jon Tomala – Vocals

Kyle Hertz – Bass



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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