Desolate Pathway Review

Desolate Pathway

Of Gods and Heroes

9 Track Album

Doomageddon Records

Release Date: 22nd October 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Desolate Pathway – London, UK


Genre: Epic/Traditional Doom Metal


Vince & Mags


“Epic Doom Metal, at certain times the absolute Candlemass classic Epicus Doomicus Metallicus comes to mind, a gloomy atmosphere, soturnas melodies” — Doom be doomed or Fuck off!”


Desolate Pathway formed on the 25th April 2014 in London, England, and since then the band have been gathering momentum – be it doom laden momentum, but now soon to release a new album entitled ‘Of Gods and Heroes’ out on Doomageddon Records.

The ‘Intro’ gives us a little taster of what is brewing – at only a brief 37 seconds long it isn’t really enough to embellish the ears but it suffices. The eerie samples really give it a sinister feel, however, ‘The Old Ferryman’ is a bold passage which comes across as ‘very intense’ and most definitely doom indoctrinated, but with a good beat attached to it. ‘The Perilous Sea’ holds a good solid and poignant beat that can most definitely be written as epic. It prowls in a predatory manner, revealing a very distinctive riff that shrieks intently. ‘Medusa’s Lair’ is slightly reminiscent of early Sabbath Bloody Sabbath as its large strides of metal pushes you in that direction, although the lyrics are nowhere like Sabbath’s but the rhythms very much so, until further on in the track when it takes a leap of faith and changes direction from its Sabbath roots and nestles back into Desolate Pathway’s comfort zone, but it is a really great track! ‘Into the Realms of Poseidon’ speaks for itself, its slower pace glides on some raucous beats with an overwhelming potency to punish the ears with a spellbinding magic! ‘Enchanted Voices’ possesses a very disturbing voice at the beginning, while the doom laden menace takes over in the form of a heavy drum beat courtesy of Mags, until an urgent and epic vocal kicks in. Later on in the track an array of relentlessness surrounds it along with a superb chugging beat‘Gods of the Deep’ Holds onto its comfort zone and portrays a void of doom that creeps steadily steering a malevolent beat and spreading atmospheric venom on the proceedings. ‘The Winged Divinity’ is a powerful track that bristles with a surging force, emerging with a solid bass hook and executing stabbing riffs that really penetrate the audial cavities and even has a catchy rhythm attached to its mighty structure.  ‘Trojan War’ rewards the listener with a blend of increasing imagination as it perpetuates motion and emotions. Its rhythms take a tight grip on things and ignite with a kind of rural ambiance. 

As mentioned previously this album is very intense, twisting the mind into an uncompromising creativeness that carries it on its journey as the tracks unfold. My only gripe is that the vocals are slightly monotone and need to reflect a more balanced take on things, maybe not sounding too epic on every track as they have a tendency to sound very similar otherwise, however, saying that the album has plenty to offer the doom fan and possess something that isn’t heard of a lot in metal circles.




Track List:


The Old Ferryman                                                                

The Perilous Sea                                                                 

Medusa’s Lair                                                                                          

Into the Realms of Poseidon                                          

Enchanted Voices                                                                 

Gods of the Deep                                                                

The Winged Divinity                                                          

Trojan War



Vince Hempstead: Founder/Vocals/Lead Guitar

Mags: Drums/Backing Vocals                                                            

Guest Artists on Of Gods and Heroes album:  

Kostas Salomidis of Sorrows Path (solos on into the Realms of Poseidon), Jonathan Seale of Iron Void (Bass on Trojan War), Adam Westlake of My Silent Wake (Bass on The Old Ferryman), Ron McGinnis of Pale Divine and Thonian Horde (Bass on Medusa’s Lair) Santiago Osnaghi of Nippur (Bass on Enchanted Voices and The Winged Divinity)

Desolate Pathway

Valley of the King

8 Track Album

To be released 7th November 2014

Reviewed by: Pagan Hel

desolate pathway cover

Desolate Pathway – London


FLAC Album Credits:   Recorded at Sunlight Studios, Kent UK                            

Produced by Desolate Pathway                                           

Engineered at Brian J Anthony Studios, Catasaqua, PA,

Genre: Doom Metal

Desolate pathway band 2

 Desolate Pathway

desolate Pathway band


“Desolate Pathway. A British Epic style Doom Metal band formed by former Pagan Altar guitarist Vince Hempstead. The band started from April 2014 in London and bring together classic influences from Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Sorcerer. In just one year of crafting music, Desolate Pathway have recorded a full length album, appeared on ifood TVs Metal cooking show Brutally Delicious, had numerous high scoring reviews around the globe, interviews and many gig offers .The Debut album ‘Valley of the King’ tells the epic tale of Prince Palidor and his rag tag army fighting their way to the Throne of Lights. It includes elements of fantasy and magic, whilst keeping true to the British tradition of heavy, riff based doom. Ideas taken from Epic Screen names such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and the Vikings series with a twist of dark elements to fit the heavy riffs and atmospheric phrases on the album. In 2015 an EP and 2nd album is planned for release with a concept based on Greek mythology. Desolate Pathway are simply a band that tells a good story with clean, powerful vocals taking you to a place of fantasy and adventure!”

The Valley of the Kings.

There are a healthy dose of aggression on this the opening title track of this album that suddenly merges into a dark phase of sultry rolling rhythms. It has its own path that veers off the beaten track and not the usual doom route it takes either.  The vocals are clean, urgent and loaded with quite a progressive stance which makes this quite a quirky track, and very unexpected.

Desolate Pathway.

Has ‘Sabbathesque’ qualities and is more in keeping with its doom genre. It embraces a very sombre stride and captures a very dramatic and dark element empowered with rich vocals.

Forest of Mirrors.

This track sits nestled comfortably in its doom genre and possesses a great catchy vibrant rhythm that is backed up with a great collection of eerie sound effects that make this a very interesting and pleasing track indeed.

Last of my Kind.

With a growl and strange effects the track opens with some solid bass, sharp frets and tempered drum beats, so let the fantasy adventure begin…

Season of the Witch.

The cackle of what sounds like either a wicked witch or a witch just having fun either way this track is a lot bouncier than the previous one and whips up a storm of enticing rhythms.

King of Vultures.

Holds a very deep and resonating rhythm that spells out darkness and attitude, although it is not a strong track it does have a very interesting and distinct haul of dramatic emotions attached to it.

Shadow of the Tormentor.

From the off this track possesses a heavy quality that shouts and screams metal be it in the doom zone, however, the winding melodies are quite intense with an urgent appeal.

Upon the throne of lights

With some stirring endeavour this track soars with infused grooves and wicked riffs that taunt and tease in a seductive stance.


Doom with a difference! The tracks although sounding quite similar to each other does possess slices of unusual effects and not all slow and dawdling as some doom metal tends to be.

Black Sabbath would be proud to cover these tracks I think, as there is plenty of inspiration and fire that surrounds them.

I think Desolate Pathway have done their genre proud and perhaps opened a few more doors as they have veered off slightly and added in some great sound effects that really capture what the tracks are about.

In some instances the tracks bounce with a certain pride that says “We are not all doom and gloom, we are just slightly different to what is considered the norm!” and not forgetting Mags on the drums who does an amazing job on this album.




Track List:

The Valley of the Kings.

Desolate Pathway.

Forest of Mirrors.

Last of my Kind.

Season of the Witch.

King of Vultures.

Shadow of the Tormentor.

Upon the throne of lights.



Vince Hempstead: Vocals/Guitars

Jim Rumsey: Bass

Mags: Drums

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