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Demonic Cremator - Crucified

Demonic Cremator is one of those Raw Black Metal bands, they are from Scotland. This CD is entitled “Crucified” and has 8 tracks. This band was interviewed for Blackened Horde a few years prior and now we were given the opportunity to review this CD. There are certain songs that will stick out just by their titled such as Fuck You and Virus. If you are into Raw Black Metal bands definitely check this guys out. You will love tracks such as Bled to Death and Lend Me The Shotgun.



1. Crucify

2. My Dying Breath

3. Blood Is the Life

4. Virus

5. Bled to Death

6. Fuck You

7. Skewered to the Stake

8. Lend Me the Shotgun



Necrotica – Guitars/Bass

Asphyxiator – Vocals/Drums


Rating: 7 out 10


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