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2000, Roadrunner Records

Deicide - Insineratehymn

After being disappointed with Deicide’s last 2 albums, Serpent Of The Light, and Once Upon The Cross, but thought the live album was decent though not something to get excited about, I approached Insineratehym with a bit of hesitation. As I put this CD in and “Bible Basher” kicked off the listening platter, I was surprised at how good this song is. The song actually sounds thrashy to me, because of the way the riffs are played in the song. Accordong to a recent interview I read with Glen Benton, “Forever Hate You” is dedicated to his wife, for whom he feels has been holding him down. The rest of the album is what you’ve come to expect from Deicide, fast and harsh satanic death metal. While this album is no masterpiece by any means, it’s still a good album nonetheless, and alot better than the last 2 studio albums.



1. Bible Basher

2. Forever Hate You

3. Standing in the Flames

4. Remnant of a Hopeless Path

5. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

6. Halls of Warship

7. Suffer Again

8. Worst Enemy

9. Apocalyptic Fear

10. Refusal of Penance



Glen Benton – Bass/Vocals

Steve Asheim – Drums

Eric Hoffman – Guitars

Brian Hoffman – Guitars



Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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