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Band members:

Piotr Stępiński – vocal, guitars

Rafał Warniełło – solo guitar

Paweł Siemaszko – bass
Tomasz Semeniuk – drums, sampling



The band’s work oscillates around a post and prog-metal. Musicians are not afraid to experiment and often use some unconventional sounds, among which you can hear a wide range of guitar effects, samples, acoustic guitar and cello bows.



Defying is a Polish band that was founded in Olsztyn in 2008 on the initiative of Rafał Warniełło and Tomasz Semeniuk. With newly recruited bassist Paweł Siemaszko and a guitarist Dominik Pliszko the band created its first compositions. In this line-up the demo “Phial of Prayers” was recorded.


After a long search of a good vocalist Marcin Bielski reached for the microphone. Then, the team ended the cooperation with the guitarist Dominik and Piotr Stępiński took over his place. Musicians in this line-up began serious work on their songs which resulted in a new demo recorded in 2010. Since then, the band began to play more concerts and succeeded in many music contests. But above all, the group focused on writing new material which in 2012 was on the demo “Portraits”.


Another band reshuffle occurred in early 2013. Namely, Marcin left the band and Piotr took over the microphone. From that moment, their music was based on lower tuning and was enriched by growled vocals, which definitely made their way towards progressive metal. Defying started working on their debut album. On 24 March 2014 they released the concept album entitled “Nexus Artificial”.


The group takes pleasure in playing live concerts and they gave successful ones with the bands such as Butterfly Trajectory, Thesis, Votum, Closterkeller, Obscure Sphinx, or Tides From Nebula.


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