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Era Of Substitution”


Defiant - Era of Substitution

Defiant’s songs can mostly aptly be characterized as heavy rhythmic drives between guitars and drums. The vocals are brutal and fitting. Album is pretty constant and consistent until Leviathan Rising and they slow it down a bit. There us an IN FLAMES cover of Behind Space that adds some diversity. If you like you CD’s that are an assault and keep the pace then this is good stuff. The production feels dry but not quite raw but overall a real good listen.




1. Gates of Lunacy

2. Awaken, Red Tree

3. Creed of Anansi

4. Ishtars Womb

5. Ruins

6. Assemble All Legion

7. Leviathan Rising

8. 7 to 9

9. Emperor

10. Behind Space (In Flames cover)




Mislav Gojo – Bass

Leonardo Markovic – Drums

Kristijan Krpan – Lead Guitars

Ivan – Vocals

Vladimir Jevicki – Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10
~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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