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Deep Desolation - Rites of Blasphemy

The first thing I notice upon the first listen, is that while with an album title of “Rites of Blasphemy” I am expecting a definite Black Metal album.. Well it doesn’t disappoint in that it is a form of Black Metal, but it has an underlying layer of Sludge or almost Doom, a very muddy backdrop to the Black Metal top layer. Tuned down bass with lots of distortion giving it that Doomy, Sludge feel. That is what I heard dominantly on first listen and honestly it didn’t set well at first, fortunately I don’t review anything on first listen, usually it is more like 4 or 5 listens before I put some words down. I am glad I have this policy because otherwise I would have missed out on what proves to be an original sounding album in a genre that lacks a lot of originality. The main riffs over the doom laden backdrop are atmospheric and almost have a Depressive feel to them, plenty of dark atmosphere with vocals that usually stay within the Black Metal shrieking style and on occasion hitting on the guttural Death style. Overall the best way I can describe the sound would be Black Sabbath meets Hvis Lyset Tar oss era Burzum without the keyboards with also a strong dose of Ophthalamia thrown in for good measure. The vocals as I said are within the Black Metal style and Legion formerly of Marduk and Ophthalamia does come to mind at times. The band is from Poland, so it should be no surprise they do bring something unique to the table, because it seems that those Poles do have a knack from producing some very interesting product.




1. Between the Tits of a Witch

2. Searching for Yesterday

3. Intermezzo

4. Blasphemous Rite

5. Mroczny Hymn

6. Cuius Regio / Eius Religio

7. I Became Your God

8. Necromouth



Piorun – Bass

Markiz – Lead Guitars

Meriath – Rhythm Guitars/Vocals

Wilku – Drums



Rating: 7.5 out of 10
~ Lance Gifford of Bitter Peace

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