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Decrepitaph - Forgotten Scriptures - The Collection

Decrepitaph has got all kinds of treats for you. First it can not go without being mentioned that the cover of the album has a face taken right from the poster of Bruno Mattie’s Hell Of The Living Dead, so points there. The fun does not doesn’t stop there, the zombie has a Klaatu, from the original Total Recall, zombie like baby coming out of it’s chest. So already you must be intrigued. I always try to put bands in the ball park of others, and rarely will I say that one band is exactly like another. I put Decrepitaph, wait for it… another movie reference, in the musical sphere of   Necrophagia.   Necrophagia being famous for their video of You Will Live in Terror, when the late great Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond came out on DVD. This is grindy, gory, doomy metal and it has a dissonant and dull atmosphere, like the aforementioned Necrophagia. Obsessed With Oblivion and Paradise in Decomposition are stand outs. But if you like Necrophagia you can not go wrong here.




1. Vengeance of the Abyss

2. Rot in the Grave

3. Paradise in Decomposition

4. Obsessed with Oblivion

5. Throne of the Diabolical Ones

6. Forever Christ Forsaken

7. Resurrected… (Intro)

8. Apocalyptic Pandemonium

9. The Undead Shrines

10. …Rotting (outro)

11. Horrid Visions of Multilation

12. Summoned for Sacrifice

13. Unholy Crucifixion




Elektrokutioner – Drums/Bass

Sinworm – Vocals/Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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