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From The Underworld With Hate”


Decayed - From the Underworld with Hate

Sometimes you get to hear something raw and unpolished but full of power and aggression. Before I even listened to this Cd I knew it was going to be amazing because of the title track 2 from Decayed. I wasn’t wrong, Slay Christ Prophets is bad ass.  While there are strong differences, I would put Decayed in the same arena with San Francisco favorite Possessed. If you have listened to Seven Churches over and over you are in for a real treat with Decayed. That is if you have not already heard them. Azazel by Irae, the second band on this split, is a real stand out track. The vocals are raw, high and aggressive on this track and are what make their five songs so appealing. Weapons of Darkness also has a great grinding drive between the guitars and the vocals that demonstrate this quality. Finally we have Inquisitor, since there are several bands named Inquisitor, this Inquisitor along with the other two bands are from Portugal. There are elements of there songs that remind me of Show No Mercy, partly because of the high screams and the driving guitar rhythms along with the raw production. Evil Soldiers is the stand out track for me of the four songs, with Final Execution a close second but still a really strong finish for this album. I have bought a few split albums in my time and usually one band is strong and the other is not. This is three separate bands all hailing from the same and land and they are awesome.




1. Decayed – Descent (Intro)

2. Decayed – Slay Christ’s Prophets

3. Decayed -A Morte

4. Decayed – Bells of Doomsday

5. Decayed – Hel’s Dominion

6. Decayed – The Norns

7. Decayed – Ascension (Moonrise pt II)

8. Irae – Intro

9. Irae – A World in Ruins

10. Irae – Weapons of Darkness

11. Irae – Procreating Madness

12. Irae – Queima As Casas De Deus

13. Irae – Azazel

14. Inquisitor – Final Execution

15. Inquisitor – Evil Soldiers

16. Inquisitor – Fulminados Pelo Aco

17. Inquisitor – Diabolic Force (Running Wild cover)



Members of Decayed:

J.A. – Guitars/Vocals

Tormentor – Drums

Vulturius – Vocals/Bass



Members of Irae:

Vulturius – All instruments/Vocals



Members of Inquisitor:

Hellcruster – Drums

Rockhard – Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals

Iron Preacher – Vocals/Lead Guitars

Urutu – Bass




Decayed: 10 out of 10

Irae: 10 out of 10

Inquisitor: 10 out of 10

Overall: 10 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca


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