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Black metal has spent the last decade or so being experimented on and expanded. It has undergone some significant overhauls as far as production and songwriting are concerned. Results have varied over the years, but some people maintain a stance that black metal needs to be raw, fast, and atmospheric. Deathymn is a band that seems determined to drag black metal out of the clouds and back to it’s roots. This band is a throw back to a time before black metal was big business. The result is a blisteringly savage recording of great metal that is uncompromisingly raw. This “band” is the work of one person, J. Profanator, and Night of 1000 Deaths is the fifth demo his band has released and the sixth release all together. This fuzzy guitar masterpiece ranks up there with the likes of Burzum. There is purpose on this demo. It is not just a bunch of songs thrown together for the sake of putting out a demo. But songs like The Storm are well-crafted pieces that reflect the darkness that J. Profanator was going for. This epic instrumental is nothing more than guitar riffs played over a thunderstorm. It works remarkably well to carve dark images into your head. Other songs like Blood of our Fathers are a little more traditional, but always creative and interesting. Some of his guitar riffs are tricky, some are epic, and he never steps out of the boundaries of black metal. Everything has a production quality that matches early Darkthrone or Hell Hammer. This is a terrific demo of visceral black metal that always has emotion and deep meaning. When you listen to this demo, listen to it to appreciate it. This is a marvelous piece of work, and it might also warp you back to 1992.




1. Blood Covered Warfields

2. Night of 1000 Deaths

3. Blood of Our Fathers (cover)

4. Embers

5. Storm

6. Intro

7. Blood Covered Warfields (’02 version)

8. War (’02)

9. Cold Darkness

10. Bleed

11. I

12. Eternal Sleep

13. Azrael




J. Profanator – All Instruments/Vocals

Hodr Vanorden – Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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