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Greetings, Thanks again for checking out my musical visons. Deathymn is a one man project from Rhode Island USA. I am influenced by the past misantropy of Satanic Warmaster, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Bathory, Nargaroth, judas Iscariot, Krieg, Xasthur, Leviathan, Burzum and many other bands. I formed it in 1999 under the name Dismemberment. the only thing that came out under that name was the first version of the demo DEATHMARCH. then in 2002 i took the name Deathymn from a song by the Texas cult Averse Seferia. and re-released Deathmarch with one new song and a full remix. A few more recordings were made between 02-08 but i grew tired of the scene bull shit and stopped recording. 2010 seen a little action with a rerecord of Blood Covered Warfields and a few keyboard ambient tracks. then in late 2011 i got the hate back to jam out more blasphemous hymns. and recorded two new songs and put together the comp The Past is a Funeral. (limited to 25 copys). then work started on the New demo Night of 1000 Deaths and rewrote Blood Covered Warfields and wrote three other hymns. also on this demo is a tribute to SATANIC WARMASTER by way of a cover of Blood Of Our Fathers From the Black Metal Kommando/Gas Chamber Comp. I am currently looking to put together a full line up to have people take Deathymn a little more serious in this shit Rhode Island. And looking to release a split with a French cult when a suitable label is found.


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