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Death Throne is a French project, it was based (established) in 1999 by Eurynome (guitars) and Alghol (programming and singings). The peculiarity of this project is to make at the same time of the black metal and death metal without mixing the kinds.


Tackled issues in songs are, the death, the horror, the decline of the humanity, the esotericism, the Satanism, the religions, the gore, the madness…. 


Having realized a demo in 1999 with Khris (Headline, Eradicate, Ricardo …) as bass player of session, The beginning of year 2000, Eurynome leaves the project due to the lack of motivation.


Alghol will continue only the project by means of other musicians of session, Khris, Cédric  (from Crusburn), Ben G (from Unity, Stan Malko …) David (The Other Choice, Soul Hunter), Philippe Madilian) and will register (record) 5 demos. The sixth is in the course of recording.


Death Throne is a studio project  and is not thus intended to occur on stage.


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