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Mechanism Of Social Control”


Death Season - Mechanism of Social Control

This is a heavy Deathcore EP containing 5 tracks. The last track being a bonus track. Usually bonus tracks are added to give you more music but not the strongest track. Not the case here. Conquistadores Del Universo is the strongest track and one you can re listen to immediately. I loved the last Tierra Santa album and I mention this because the whole album is in Spanish. There is something very cool about hearing music in other languages. Metal in German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, it just adds something different. Mechanism Of Social Control is a really solid EP but the aforementioned track Conquistadores Del Universo totally makes it a must for Deathcore and metal fans to check out.




1. Vultures

2. Life Condemned

3. Conquers of the Universe

4. Mechanism of Social Control

5. Bonus Track




Will – Vocals

Alex – Guitars

Lee – Drums

Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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