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DEATH DIES was formed in 1995, by Samael Von Martin (The Lord Of Sorrow) and Demian De Saba, both members of atmospheric black metal band Evol.


First release was a demo called “In nomine Abraxas”.


Then a split CD followed, with black metal band Satanel, called “When the dead died” out in 1998. A year later DEATH DIES released the 7” EP “The art of domination”.


The band released also for Romano Impero a gatefold Lp, “Rebirth of evil one” including various extra tracks from previous releases.


A first full length came out in 2002, out for Black Tears and the title was “The sound of demons”.


Then in 2003 “Product of hate” was out always for Black Tears with three piece line-up: Samael Von Martin on vocals and guitars, Demian De Saba on drums, and Rex Tenebrae on bass (also Evol member).


In 2006 DEATH DIES entered Adipocere records roster, famous label which released all Evol albums. For Adipocere was out “Pseudochristos” always with line-up of previous releases. “Pseudochristos” was released also on digipak format with bonus dvd.


Form the glorious past… back to now. After some years of silence, DEATH DIES are back always with Samael Von Martin and Demian De Saba, plus new member Alex Kain on vocals (vocalist also of Negatron, which released in 2012 debut album “Tenebre” for Black Tears/Nekro-Tron).


The come back for twentieth anniversary is marked with a CD titled “Legione” out again for Black Tears which contains old DEATH DIES, EVOL and SATANEL tracks, plus a cover from Rotting Christ and outro as homage to NEGATRON.


All tracks have been re-recorded by current DEATH DIES line-up.

Samael Von Martin – the Lord of Sorrow: guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards.

Demian De Saba – the Count of Insanity: drums, backing clean vocals.

Alex Kain – Father of Murder: Vocals.


DEATH DIES discography:


When the Death Died” / “Under a Scarlet Night”

The Art of Domination”

The Sound of Demons”

Rebirth of Evil One”

Product of Hate”



Legione” limited edition 50 copies handnumbered


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