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Dawn Of A Dark Age

The Six Elements Vol. 2 Water”


Dawn Of A Dark Age - The Six Elements, Vol.2 Water

I can not profess to know jack shit about the beat poets and or the music of that time. Why do I bring this up in this particular review? Because I once saw a movie called Naked Lunch and there was crazy ass beat jazz in the soundtrack. While the use of the clarinet here is not quite the same as the music in Naked Lunch it has a similar strange effect on the music. Like the previous volume from Dawn Of A Dark Age they blend different sound and elements to distinguish themselves from other Black Metal. Their is still folk, jazz and middle eastern influence in the bands sound.


The vocals and Black Metal drives are present, but not always present. The vocals have the brutal Black Metal shriek that I love. Dawn Of A Dark age is experimenting with sound and emotion. If that sort of thing appeals to you it is very well executed here. I would recommend checking them out.




1. The Gates Of Hell (In The Deepest Dark Abyss)
2. Otzuni (The Black City In Apulia)
3. The Old Path Of Water (Where You Rot Slowly)
4. The Verrin’s Source (On Mount Field)
5. Mouettes A Midi Sur La Mer Adriatique
6. Outro n.2




Vittorio Sabelli “Eurynomos” – All Instruments
“Buran” – Vocals

Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Barca


Dawn Of A Dark Age

The Six Elements, Volume 1 Earth”


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Without going through the whole checklist of what a Black Metal album contains, which its fan base knows all to well lets talk about the places Dawn Of A Dark age varies. One there are hopeful moments without darkness. Their is folk influence that pops out occasionally and in the final track. Nature is a constant them here so all is forgiven. What I like is these progressive moments they have, that sound like, but not imitating, old Iron Maiden Di’anno era, that just sort of interject and take you out of the Black Metal feel. Most specifically on Cold Winter and Eurynomos Army. The Mayhem and Darkthrone influence is here and all you would expect but the band has flourishes of other influences that don’t feel commonly used.


The Band promises to put out another volume every six months until July 2017, which will complete there 6 volume opus.


The vocals, which I always focus on are growly, raspy and with a great deal of Black Metal not the focus in the mix. Very listenable for those who have genre expectations.




1. Cold Winter

2. The Last Prayer

3. Raped Earth

4. Eurynomos Army

5. Dawn Of A Dark Age

6. Outro n.1







Eurynomos – All Instruments

Buran – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Barca


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