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Dauden The band:

In the year 2007 the band starts. From that year the band have recorded and played live often a possible. Today Dauden are working on the debut full album. In the end of 2013 the album will be released, hopefully by a label.


When creating the music they use both Norwegian and English lyrics combined with the disharmonic sound.



Byllepesten- 2008 (Demo-CD). Contains 6 tracks.

Dauden EP- Released in 2011

And in 2013 (with new layout). Contains 4 tracks.


Most appreciable concerts:

Norbikers (Oslo)

Hellion Pub- Evangeliesenter (Stavanger)

Kroa i Bø (Bø),

Hammerslag Festival 2012 (Total, Tønsberg

Hub & Heuy Metallfest PT. VIII (Azijnfabriek,Nederland)

Dark Mental Festival 2013



Angst Drakamer: Vokal

Berserk: Bass

Stûrm: Gitar

Malignant: Trommer


Dauden have done concerts with bands like: Throne of Katarsis, Taake, Gehenna, Arvas, Ragnarok, Nocturnal Breed, Glittertind.



E-mail: daudenbooking@gmail.com

or daniel-minge@hotmail.com


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