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Road To Redemption”


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Darkfall kind of makes me think of a Death Metal Thrash version of Blind Guardian. There is a strong progressive element that develops over the coarse of the album that get more melodic towards the end. The vocals are high and growly not raspy and bitey. They are not harmonized either like Blind Guardian. Darkfall comes across as an intelligent technical outfit that continues to grow. Hailing from Austria, the land of Arnold and Krampus, they have been together since 1995. This is there first full length album. This album grew on me pretty quickly, the familiarity of thrash rhythms well placed drew me in, but Rise to Dominate stood out as my favorite. I think that is the strength of the record, instead of dragging everything down in endless changes, like many progressive groups can do, the hooky rhythms have a heavy drive that keeps the album going.




1. Road to Redemption (Intro)

2. Misery of Peace

3. War Has Come

4. Fading Away

5. Phoenix Rising

6. The Gods Await

7. Never Ending Hate

8. Rise to Dominate

9. Echoes from the Past

10. Peacemaker

11. Kill the Need MMXII








Thomas Spiwak – Lead Vocals

Sascha Ulm (Sascha Pick) – Guitars

Markus Seethaler – Guitars/Bass

Stephan Stockreiter – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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