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Darkend - Grand Guignol  Book I

There is something about the Italians that love concept work. Another example would be Rhapsody under all of it’s enforced monikers. Grand Guignol Book I is a concept album that is Dantesque in it’s musical construct via Guignol Theater. I believe though the blood soaked theater of Guignol was a construct of France and was the next step after Punch and Judy. There is a whole history involved here that involves Jesus Christ and Nazi Henreich Himmler. The real question is Darkend worth checking out? I would say hells yeah muthafucka! If you can handle orchestration, choirs and keyboards. This is hardcore Black Metal. There is a pervasive atmosphere throughout the album that is reminiscent of it’s Boschian CD cover. The vocals are totally badass. Animae has the perfect rasp and grind for highs and lows while transitioning flawlessly to clear. If you want music that is heavy throughout, with well written evocative lyrics that will most likely inspire you to check out the history behind the story, Grand Guignol Book I is for you. I look forward to Book II.




1. Descent/A scent (II Movement)

2. Aeinsoph: Flashforward to Obscurity

3. Doom: And Then Death Scythed

4. Spiritism: The Transmigration Passage

5. Bereavement: A Multitude in Martyrized Flesh

6. Grief: Along Our Divine Pathway

7. Bleakness: Of Secrecy, Haste and Shattered Crystals

8. Pest: Fierce Massive Slaying Grandeur

9. Decrepitude: One Last Laugh Beside Your Agonies

10. Dawn: Black Sun Rises








Valentz – Drums

Animae – Vocals

Specter – Bass

Ashes – Lead Guitars

Nothingness – Lead Guitars



Rating: 10 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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