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Dark Managarm - Back From Hell

This is one of those Cd’s that I am always glad to get. For one I can tell from the cover it is going to be bad ass. No matter what the genre, no matter how awesome or brutal the subject matter  the cover art, computerized digital art cheapens, lessens and often destroys the impact, even if you like all the layers of pretty colors. Sure it is quick to do, looks slick and super professional but it is corporate marketing to convince you money was spent. Back From Hells Cover art is amazing, Demons, tortured nuns, skulls, check. Black and White human intensity check, check.


Forcas vocals are awesome. A Black Metal rasp to reckon with intensity and misanthropic rage.


To the drums. There are times when the drums can really kill a CD because the presence is to strong. The blast beat snare here is at a perfect level, it hits you, but does not take your head off. The symbols crash without drowning out everything else. 


The guitars are tinny with tremolo picking and power chords on the high end of the guitar. 


I listened to Nocturnal Reaper, Plague and Misanthropic Armageddon over and over. 


Dark Managarm don’t need to reinvent the wheel, they have heavy intense songs, consistent and strong from beginning to end. The lighter slow moments are short.


If you like Marduk, Kult OV Azazel, Gospel Of Horns, I Imagine you will like Dark Managarm. RECOMMENDED BUY.



1. Back from Hell
2. War God Execration
3. Underworld Glorification
4. Necromancia
5. Plague
6. Blasphemic Humiliation
7. Nocturnal Reaper
8. Misanthropic Armageddon
9. Hell’s Wolves Reign







Forcas – Vocals
Hagel – Guitars
Helbrecht – Bass
Davöth – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10 

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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