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In 1994, Desiderius (lead guitar) and Paimoon (vocals) founded the band “Perrian”. Shortly thereafter Morgana (drums) and Abysos (bass) joined the band. At first the music had a lot of death metal influences. Mixed with subtle keyboard effects. In 1996 as the songs turned more and more into the black metal direction, the band decided to rename it Dark Armageddon.


In December 1997 the first demo “Maiorum Obscuritas” was recorded with Sharron as second guitarist. The demo was released in an edition of 50 copies. After conflicts between Morgana and Paimoon, Paimoon left the band. Sharron took over the vocals and he did the vocals on the debut album Unerreicht von Gottes Licht. It was also released in an edition of 50 copies. So that Sharoon was able to devote more of the guitar, 2000 Mastodon came as a new vocalist in the band. With him, 2001 the album “Siegel zum Seelentor” was recorded and published in a CD pressing of 500 copies. This album was sold via the Nuclear Blast magazine, and some smaller distributors.


In 2006 followed a split CD with Thy Majesty, which was published over Nocturnal Empire. Within the band there was already disagreements. The result was that Morgan had left the band. Without hesitation a new drummer was sought to play the last shows. The last show with the old line up was 2007 on the Nocturnal Empire Festival. In consequence, the band broke up and only founding member Desiderius remained. He put of his plans.


In summer 2009 he worked again on Dark Armageddon with the support of Helvete (bass) and Choronzon (drums). Late 2009/early 2010 the new album “Legion for the devil” should be published. But because of problems with the line up it was not possible. Furthermore the band’s own recording studio “Satanic Empire” was completed. To reduce the waiting time for the new album, a new single Saat des Bösen was published and also new T-shirts. On the single is an old song re-recorded and two new songs from the upcoming album. The single CD was mixed in the TS-Musix studio by Thomas Steuer.


2010 Dark Armageddon played a few live performances. Helvete finally took over the vocals, because it was not possible to find a suitable vocalist. In November 2010 the band changed to the Vinterson label that belongs to the already existing label Poisonic. The recordings for the forthcoming album “Legion for the Devil” are nearing completion, which will be released in autumn 2011.


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