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Dalla Nebbia - Felix Culpa

This album starts with a haunting instrumental which is wrapped in folk-like sounds and a gritty sound texture, truly macabre and gritty. Such ambient sounds do not usually let me drag so far. This track blends into the next one where heavy guitars and slow drumbeats envelope in, then the vocals. They are a blend of clean vocals and some rough one which is quite cavernous. The track gets faster with a full complement of instruments which are not limited to traditional ones only. The track gets faster again. The drive is increased every single time there is this transition. It is truly an exciting track.


The rest of the album varies in energy but all remain quite clearly a solid black metal sound, with thin guitars and melancholy notes and beats. But it’s by no means boring. Where in places the music lack in speed and intensity it makes up in melody and atmosphere, giving a well-rounded soundscape. The vocals are not excessive and are quite complimentary to the music. The album sounds good, professionally recorded and perfectly balanced. I honestly wish more Black Metal bands sound this good!


I think the artwork is a picture of a garden with a lot of HRD on it, but it’s good to see some colors other than brown black and grey in a black metal album cover. Looking at it makes you feel that the album is going to be organic and alive. And you would be right.


Will I listen to it again? I think such an album deserves more than one listening to appreciate it so yes, I will. I think that it’s one of the better Black metal albums of the year from what I’ve listened.




1. Memento Mori

2. Until the Rain Subsides

3. Abandoned Unto Sky

4. Lament of Aokigahara

5. The Banner of Defiance

6. Not Within the Stone

7. Felix Culpa (Theodicy Corrupted)

8. Das Gelächter Gottes

9. Paradise in Flames

10. The Silent Transition








Yixja – Guitars/Vocals

Zduhac – Vocals

Tiphareth – Bass

Alkurion – Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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