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Daemonicus - Deadwork

Swedish rockers Daemonicus, most like named for the famous demon gladiator, have delivered a Death Metal album that is almost straight forwards except when  they do what Swedes always seem to do and get melodic in the strangest places. We Feast On Your Flesh has chorus that is almost like a pop anthem, and if sang with a clear voice perhaps would be. Halfway though Inhabited the song gets real upbeat, almost  happy. Will the curse of Abba ever leave the musicians of Sweden alone? Daemonicus at there heaviest, Blood Red November and As Extinction Came, have a particular urgency in their rhythms that would be awesome if they could harness for future music. That drive really works to surpass some of the common genre expectations. All in all they are heavy, the guitars have a full sound and  they get thrashy and riffy as a constant. The vocals are strong but don’t exceed expectations.




1. A Dead Work of Art

2. The Grandeur of Total Termination

3. Embracing Her Remains

4. We Feast on Your Flesh

5. The Hymn of Ubo Sathla

6. From Alive to Dead Life

7. Blood Red November (MDXX)

8. Inhabited

9. Nothing But Death

10. As Extinction Came







P-O Wester – Guitars

Jorgen Persson – Guitars

Stefan Hagstrom – Vocals

Martin Pudas – Bass

Johan Hallback – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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