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Cydia - Evil Sun

Cydia is Death Metal outfit from Russia. While I put them in the Death Metal category though there are times when I think of bands like Slipknot but without the layered percussion and a bit of Korn on Diary Of A Freak. There are lighter moments like Dead Angel and Life For 3.45 that have a that kind of seem inspired by the lighter side of Slipknot. While that may not be an influence on them I do like the dynamics and diversity that they are going for. The CD is solid and heavy, containing all the Death Metal elements, brutal vocals, strong guitars and blasting drums. Evil Sun appears to have been a 2011 release and maybe not so easy to track down but I recommend giving them a listen.




1. Dance Of The Death
2. Evil Sun
3. 100 Years
4. Dead Angel
5. Night Without Dream
6. Life For 3.45
7. Stalker
8. Diary Of Freak
9. One From Us
10. The Last Sunset
11. Alive Too Much



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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