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Cursed Kingdom

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Cursed Kingdom - The Wasteland

Cursed Kingdom is thrashy Death Metal from the country of Iran and I really like it. Ali Esfahani has a strong brutal voice that fits the music perfect. And it makes me want to digress a bit because of a lot of metal reviews I read recently. There are a million fa la la singers in the world that people just love and have a wide range and sound pretty as you please. But they don’t convey one single honest emotion not even for a second. I get tired of people ignoring the power and emotion contained in all these great Death/Black Metal singers that would be laughed at if they fa la la’ed brutal tunes. 


If you like shredder guitars there are some proficient soloing that didn’t just follow simple runs. I am not crazy about guitar solos as a have to ingredient to song writing, but here they really fit. I have listened to The Wasteland several times now and every track is solid. Claw of Death sticks out. Even when there are familiar methods, there is a palpable sense of aggression in the playing. I never once felt like they needed a producers touch for the song structure either. I put The Wasteland in the recommend category.




1. To the Wasteland

2. Black Rider

3. Claw of Death

4. Chain of Foolishness

5. Hatred Hell Within

6. Touch the End

7. Reflection of an Exanimate Sound




Amirhosein A – Guitars

Saman A.M. – Guitars/Bass

Ali Esfahani – Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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