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Cursed Kingdom is a metal band from Iran that was formed by Saman Ali Madadi as rhythm guitarist and bassist and Amirhosein Amiri as lead guitarist. In the summer of 2011 Keyvan joined as a drummer for the band as Cursed Kingdom was working on new material. The band released their first song entitled “Gerdab” with Persian lyrics in the thrash metal genre. Continuing on, Cursed Kingdom began brainstorming and writing a new album with English lyrics and submitted the album to Turkey Vulture Records and the deal was sealed. Everyone is excited to see what great things arise from the new partnership between Cursed Kingdom and Turkey Vulture Records. Watch for the new album “THE WASTELAND” to be released through Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution and hit stores everywhere in Spring of 2013.



Cursed Kingdom- The Wasteland

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