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Today’s black metal genre has its share of amazing acts. Many of which has stayed consistent with the black metal formula laid down by Darkthrone more than twenty years ago. Since then the genre has seen bands that get better and better by perfecting the familiar sound. Today there are still bands leading the black metal charge. The classic bands like Mayhem and Gorgoroth are still going strong. Plus a new breed of black metal lead by bands like Watain is keeping true black metal alive and well. Cursed 13 is a modern black metal band hailing from Sweden, keeping the tradition of dark thick atmosphere and nasty vicious song writing. After going by the name Cursed 666 until 2006, Cursed 13 released their first full-length album, titled Triumf, in 2013. This is an exceptional KVLT black metal album that both stays true to roots of black metal while pushing the genre. Not pushing toward uncharted territory, but pushing to perfect the genre. Musically, Triumf is a savage masterpiece that unfolds naturally and allows itself to grow and mature. Taking its time and letting each song speak for itself. The result is a record full of growth and change that never jumps genre, but is constantly striving to better itself with in the boundaries of black metal. This band is made up of true professionals that know this genre inside and out. This album is all at once eerie, depressing, and triumphant. This is not an album just made for a mosh pit. This is a deep; thought-provoking experience that belongs next to the very best black metal has to offer. It plays with the listener and keeps you guessing. It will evoke you darkest emotions, then swing you into somber sadness. Putting it simply, black metal doesn’t get much better than Triumf.




1. No Return

2. Dead and Gone

3. Death n Roll

4. I Love Cyanide

5. Aska till aska

6. Fralst av eld

7. Nar marorna kallar

8. Seductress

9. Requiem/Victory

10. Agitator (Upptakt till vrede)

11. Vrede




Heljarmadr – Vocals/Guitars

Dimman – Drums

Maugrim – Bass/Guitars

Niantiel – Guitars



Rating: 10 out of 10


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