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There are tons of stories to be told about Cursed 13 but I reckon you either have heard them before or you just don’t give a rats ass about some old shit anyway. So let’s stick to the basics. Cursed 13 was born back in ’98 and as the case mostly is, not much was recorded back in the early days except for rehearsal tapes and that kind of shit. I was busy with Diabolic Lust up until ’03 when that band more or less disbanded. I ended up in the slammer for a while and in late ’05 Winterreich Productions released that old “I Love Cyanide” cassette which was the first Cursed 13 release to actually be distributed in more than 50 or so copies. Happy fucking days…


A year after, I got mail from the American label Black Plague Records who said they wanted to release a full length album. Said and done, I recorded a hell of a lot of songs and made the mix and eventually also the master. The problem was that the process went too damn slow (two years if I remember correctly). BPR had their own issues and I had mine. The recordings did not age well so we decided not to release the album and I went on with working with what would become the Cursed 13/Domgard split CD.


At that same time I recruited Dimman and things started to finally fall in place. We got the Cursed 13/Domgard split CD out in 2009. Since then we have been slowly working on the “Triumf” album which was released this autumn (2013). Some of the riffs on that album spring back to the earliest days and the newest creation on the album was written just a couple of weeks before entering the studio. After 15 years of set-backs, I do think that the title suits the album; “Triumf” (triumph).


The lyrical theme in Cursed 13 has always been based upon aggression, both the controlled and calculating hate as well as the blind fury. Cursed 13 acknowledges the ancient Scandinavian/European spirituality and mythology as the truth and holds the kin of Loke as the ones closest to heart. I am not an atheist and Black Metal is not just another form of music.



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